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Imraan‘s developers are Microsoft Certified, Java programmers, and expert in ASP, JSP, WAP, PHP, Cold Fusion, V.B, .NET, VC++, Java servlets, EJB, and JDBC. Our experience includes Oracle database access coding using JDBC and MS SQL using ABO/ODBC as well as MYSQL and MSAccess.

Imraan‘s designers are creative, they are expert in web designing/graphic designing using major tools like Adobe Family, Macromedia Family, Ulead Family, NetObjects Fusion 7.0, Maya 4.5, Corel Draw 10, Paint Shop Pro and other common tools that are used. We develop google friendly pages and make sure that your business keywords are used in a better way. 

Imraan‘s technical support center is active to help you out of any problem/enquiry. Please feel free to contact us regarding any issue, whether it is related to web design, development, E-Marketing, domain registration or hosting package.

Our Advertising team have given outstanding results in Internet Marketing field, we have a separate department for Internet Marketing the team is dedicated to work for Google and Directories Submissions, SEO and specially for E-mail Marketing Campaign. We don’t SPAM your message, we do take care of Spamming laws that is why our E-Marketing Clients got good results and are happy with the results. So try our Internet Marketing services and get good business.

We have copyright images of Photos.com, you can buy copyrighted images from us for your website at low price, no need to buy costly copyright images, this is extra facility to our clients.

Our diverse experience has helped us survive and grow while other firms have not. Because each customer seems to bring a new challenge, our approach to their projects must remain fresh, new and without predetermined notions. By doing so, our customers are assured that we never assume a project is going to be the same as the next. We often like to say that 

we never season our soup before tasting it

Now a days many hackers are hacking dynamic database driven websites through injecting to site’s SQL Server. Hacker do this by writing a query in URL or through Form’s fields.We proudly announce its solution for ASP and ColdFusion websites with MSSQL Database.

for more details on SQL Injection please see following link.

If you need our services to Prevent your site from SQL Injection please Contact Us now.

If you need our services to Prevent your site from SQL Injection please Contact Us now.

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